Our specialty is Ice Creams. We can make ice creams for all ice cream lovers according to their taste and preferences; even for those who are lactose intolerant or even diabetic. We blend all the natural ingredients (milk, sugar, binding agent, fruits, nuts etc) and pour the mixture to the freezing pan which is then scooped as the ice cream. The best thing about this technology is that we can control the ingredients that goes in to making the ice cream.

We can replace sugar with sugar substitute such as Splenda, Equal or Desire for diabetic customers; similarly we can replace regular milk with skim, fat free or even soy milk for those who are allergic to diary products and make delicious ice creams for every one...!!! isnt that exciting...??? We tried to capture all this in a small video for you all to take a look and learn more about us; however the best way to know more about us is to walk in to our outlet. We are located right next to Park Sheraton Hotel on Chamier's road, Chennai