Bellaria, meaning desserts in Latin, is an unique dessert shop that makes every ice cream from scratch in front of the customer. At Bellaria, we let the customer choose the kind of milk, sugar, fruits, toppings etc and we make the ice cream right there in front of you. We are India's first ice cream store where you actually see your ice cream being made from scratch; we are bringing an all new concept of Ice creams to the market and aim to make it exciting for our dessert lovers. We use the freshest ingredients. We avoid using preservatives, sodium, or artificial coloring unless the customer wants them in the form of syrup, essence etc.

By the way of this innovative concept, we can make almost anything into an ice cream. If we can blend it, we can make it into an ice cream; for example we can blend say Gulab jamun with milk and sugar and make an ice cream out of it. We have made ice creams out of Sweet Corn, Gulkand (Sweet mixture of rose petals and honey), and other Indian Sweets which our customers keep coming back for.